Housemates Expresses Concern Over Kayvee’s Recent Strange Attitude, Wonders If It Is A Prank

Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemates have expressed concern on Kayvee’s recent ‘weird’ attitude in the house and as such, is wondering if it a prank on them.

According to them, Kayvee has been behaving strangely and withdrawn, making some housemates very worried about the new development.

In a discussion with some housemates, Whitemoney said that Kayvee is getting weird by the day and he wonders if it’s a prank.



Talking about Kayvee’s strange attitude, Whitemoney said, “He went to the washing machine that was in use by someone else and turned it off. He went to the tap, opened it and washed his face, he looked at us, hissed and left. Is this a prank? This is not funny”

Whitemoney also said that when he tried talking to Kayvee, the latter refused to return his pleasantries.

Whitemoney continued, “It’s not funny anymore. For real, it’s no more funny. He’s really getting weird. I don’t know if he’s playing a prank or has lost his senses.”

However, Liquorose and Emmanuel dismissed Kayvee’s attitude as ‘cruise’.

When Whitemoney brought up the issue while talking to JMK and Cross, JMK also agreed that Kayvee is acting strange and the housemates have been telling Big Brother to do something about it.

JMK said, “We’ve been asking Biggy to please take him for psyche examination. It is bad.”

Cross said, “I don’t know what he’s going through but he’s going through a lot.”

Narrating an ordeal between her and Kayvee, JMK said, “I thought he was fine this afternoon and I said no problem. This evening again, he was sleeping close to my bed. I thought he was sleeping but he just jumped up and shouted.

“I went out and came back but he was not on the bed again. I saw him in the courtyard again. I was trying to talk to him but he’s not answering anybody.”

What do you think?

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