“I Don’t Envy Tope Alabi’s Glory” – Lanre Teriba

Popular gospel singer, Lanre Teriba, has said that he has no problem with fellow singer, Tope Alabi and he does not envy her glory.

Tope Alabi had criticized the popular Christian song, Oniduro Mi, which was sung by iconic singers, Tolu Adelegan and Yinka Alaseyori, at different times.

While Alabi has been facing backlash online over her comment, the ‘Oniduro Mi’ song has since gained more popularity as some people began the #OniduroChallenge on social media, posting videos of themselves singing the song.

Teriba had waded into the ‘Oniduro Mi’ saga as he uploaded a video on his verified Instagram account where he attended an event, alongside Yinka Alaseyori.

In the video, Teriba mounted the stage to perform for his audience. However, before he began, he addressed Alaseyori saying, “Yinka Alaseyori, you should know that for your life to be better someone has to experience a downfall.”

The singer then asked the audience to say a prayer point that goes thus, “You all will now pray that Lord, anyone that will make wrong statements for my glory to shine, let such person begin to say the wrong things.”

He then began to sing the Oniduro Mi song.

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As the camera sighted Alaseyori, it was obvious that she was shocked by Teriba’s statement.

Speaking exclusively on the matter, Teriba said that he has no problem with Tope Alabi.

He said, “I have seen the video and people have been sending it to me online, but I don’t like the way people have been taking it. I don’t have any problem with Sister Tope or Alaseyori. I just opined the way I saw things.

“If you want to correct a colleague in the industry, you can call the person privately and correct, not publicly. That is the way I see it. That is what she could have done as a senior colleague in the industry.

“Tope Alabi has been doing beautifully well and a lot of people see her as a role model; so, she could have called her privately. Most Christians make that mistake; you cannot just judge people from a distance, you need to get close to them. If you want to advise the person, do it in person.”

He stressed that what he said on stage was a prayer point.

What I did was a prayer point; I did not mean any harm. I did not lambast Tope Alabi, neither am I taking sides. That is why I said that I do not have any problem with her,” Teriba stated.

He continued, “I do not envy anybody’s glory, but you know Nigerians are hypocrites by nature. I will not be a party to that. I do not live a fake life and I do not like anyone that lives a fake life.

“I do not mean that Tope Alabi is living a fake life, do not get me wrong. Who am I to judge anybody? Who am I? I only made a prayer point; I am not judging anyone. She has a right to her opinion.”

The singer noted that Alabi’s comment could have ruined Alaseyori’s career.

All I want to correct is the fact that if anyone has any correction, do it privately. What if the statement she made that day wrecked that girl’s career, what are we going to be talking about today? See, we do not use our voices to condemn anybody because God never taught us to judge anybody. I do not have any problem with her, candidly,” he said.

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