I was promised salesgirl job in Ogun but turned into a sex slave – 16-year-old girl


Abigail was asserted to have gone out with ‘a customer’ around 2 pm on Wednesday, April 28, when correspondent visited Kolab Hotel along Ayetoro Road, Ogun State, and wouldn’t return until daybreak , aso Naija reports.

16-year-old Abigail was on an all-night fling affair with a client and would not come back until daybreak of the following day.

correspondents had got a lead that underage girls are being forced into prostitution at a bungalow on the hotel premises by a woman identified simply as Madam Nelly and that some of them including Abigail sought sovereignty.

“I was around that day,” Abigail said during an encounter with correspondents on Tuesday.

“I was locked inside the room because policemen were patrolling. Madam Nelly doesn’t allow me and other young girls to go out. Men come to ‘sleep with’ us inside our rooms,” she mumbled.

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This correspondent asked as a client to have access to Abigail inside a dingy room she was kept. Slim and light-complexioned, her face was inscribed with frustration as this reporter entered the small apartment portioned with a piece of wood put forward at mid-level.

She sluggishly began to pack items on the bare floor and lay the bed, reckoning she was in for another romp. “You can have your seat,” she intoned, striving to breathe.

After being told that the mission was not amorous, Abigail opened up on the excruciating experience she has been subjected to since she arrived at the hotel about six months ago.

She said, “One Aunty Bright brought me and my cousin here from Calabar. She told me I would be helping Madam Nelly to sell food and that after some months, the woman would give me money so that I can go back to the village to continue my school. She didn’t tell me the amount the woman would give me. I noticed that Madam Nelly gave her money before she left but I don’t know the amount.

“I dropped out at SS 1 because my father didn’t pay my school fees. He threw out my luggage and told me not to come to his house again. I don’t know my offense. He had two wives, including my mother who died about two years ago.”

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