Many People Won’t Tell You That Living Abroad Is Not Easy – US-Based Nigerian Man


Many People Won’t Tell You That Living Abroad Is Not Easy – US-Based Nigerian Man


Contrary to the happy and perfect picture many people paint after traveling abroad, the truth is that life abroad is very difficult, said one Nigerian who settled in the US.

Afam, also a Twitter influencer, said many people living abroad won’t share this secret even with their friends, adding that only some genuine people do such things.

According to him, the secret of staying abroad can only be discovered abroad. He said that Nigerians should not be fooled by the beautiful photos and good weather because life is not as easy as it is portrayed.

He wrote; ”The secret of the abroad is in the abroad. Only few genuine people that probably like you will tell you the truth. Don’t be deceived by the beautiful pictures and weather.

Abroad is not easy, this is not me discouraging anyone coz I know say some of una no get comprehension.

See his tweet:


In reaction, @KelechiPhD wrote; You’ll see people who are naturally lazy in Nigeria fantasising about how they’ll enjoy the soft life abroad…. I’m like, “welcome sir”

@sultanofAba; People steadily go back to naija, I know 2 people in owerri right now, paid bills for 3 months can’t cope, one calculated how much he was making in Nigeria and Now and decided its better to be in naija.

@chinedubekee001; Abroad get levels and grades, u can’t go to Dubai and all these South Americans countries and u wanna make it big like those ones in first grade abroad , and too making money abroad is by two ways either u have patience and hustle or u go the illegitimate way

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Written by Kester E.

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