Pastor Converts to stripper say stripping made her spacial

Pastor Converts to stripper say stripping made her spacial

Nikole Mitchell, a chapel preacher wriggled stripper says her new job has given her the life skills that have made her a reasonable parent, aso Naija reports

According to her, the livelihood change is providing her children a far nicely start in life than they would have had if she stayed religious.

Speaking to the Holly Randall Unfiltered podcast, Mitchell says she and her children freely talk about sex, consent, bodies, and what’s right and not.

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“[We have] All kinds of conversations and equipping them with tools that I was never equipped with as a kid growing up,” she said.

“It is now so important to me as a mum to teach my kids these things so they have these skills for a lifetime, for dating, relationships, for their working environment for who they become, whatever they end up doing these are life skills everyone needs.

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