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A 23 year old man, Ondavey weize, a graduate of the Federal University of Agriculture in Makurdi, Benue state has revealed how he swapped the ATM cards of several people with invalid cards with which he used in withdrawing large sums of money from their account.

Weize who has over sixty ATM cards in his possession said he came into Calabar, the Cross River State capital two weeks ago from Abuja and has succeeded in swapping the ATM cards of many people and withdrawn money from their account with which he spends lavishly in hotels and night clubs.He said..

“Some of those cards are not valid but many of them are valid. What I do is I monitor people making withdrawals in ATM and I go close to them and pretend to help and when I notice the persons pin number I immediately memorise it and while the person is counting his money, I swap his ATM card with an invalid one and later use it to make withdrawals from his account”.
He said he had used the method to withdraw several millions of naira from people’s account and does not think of returning to the school he graduated from since 2013 to collect his certificate.

“I am not keen in collecting my certificate from my school or going for national service because I make enough cash from my business to take care of my needs”.

Weize who is from Vandeikyia in Benue State said he was introduced into the nefarious business by a friend from Ondo State whom he met in Abuja and they were doing “the business together and after some time we parted our ways and have not seen each other for the past three months”.
The young man was arrested in Calabar over the weekend while trying to swap his card with that of another person in one on the premises of one of the new generation banks on Calabar Road and in his possession was 258,000 .00 in cash

Mr Titilayo Busari, the Cross River State Police Commissioner who paraded the young man called people to be careful whom to ask for assistance while making withdrawals through ATM.

They should ask the bank staff to help them or should come with trusted people from their homes to avoid falling into the wrong hands”



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