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10 Strange Things All Women Have Done At Least Once

Ten Strange Things All Women Have Done At Least Once

1. Laughed or coughed so hard when you’re on your period and more blood comes out.

2. When you think nobody is looking, you readjust your bra, stick your hand in, pull ‘em up one at a time, straighten the band and straps, and add an extra squeeze to make sure everything is in its place.

3. Sit in a strange position when farting, so the fart bubble does not go up the … know. lipsrsealed

4. Open your mouth really wide while putting mascara on.

5. When you don’t have a pad around when you start your period…you fold up toilet paper, place in the middle of the underwear, struggle to pull up pants without dislodging the tissue, walk unnaturally so as not to mess up the paper….. Bloody shredded paper in your underwear when you get home.

6. Spending 30 minutes in front of the mirror trying to get the perfect “cat eye.”

7. That amazing back/stomach scratch when you take your bra off after a long day. Best feeling ever.

8. Indiscriminately checking any fellow female for a “period stain” who asks, regardless of who they are-even your worst enemy or someone you’ve never met before.

9. The period check. When you’re sitting down, you “accidentally” drop something and while you’re bending over to pick it up, you sneak a peek between your legs to make sure you’re not leaking.

10. pooing in a toilet, squeezing their ass so the poop wont sound loud.

If you have more, feel free to add yours..


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