Friday, March 27

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Hello Nigerians,It's a day to the  2015 Presidential Election(i.e WatchNight lol)

What are your plans ,violence or peace?well i choose Peace .

Who earns your vote? Keep it to yourself ..Lol

Let me enlighten you about  the major candidates in the minds of Nigerians for the tomorrow election  President Goodluck Jonathan and former Head of State, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari .

Hey scroll back up,what do you see? Two politicians smiling and holding hands right?
Then what's your stress you that is fighting for them(Abi any of them nah your father?)

Things  you need to know about these politicians

1.They raise dust...
2.They make noise....
3.They plot people against each other.
 But at the end ,they meet and laugh at the senseless and ordinary citizens fighting themselves because of their Ambition to achieve a goal .

Things you never know about these politicians

1.They work together (Forget the noise Patience Jonathan,FFK,Foyose and Ameachi are making.They are deceiving Nigerians.Like i said earlier ,they meet crack jokes and laugh.

2. Their Families(Wife,mother,children,brothers and sisters) are all in overseas enjoying and waiting to hear the bad breaking news from the country.

Yesterday GMB and GEJ meet again to sign peace accord.scroll below to see photos

Peace Accord

My main Aim of  writing this article is to ask Nigerians ,Has Buhari and Jonathan not fooled us enough?What's the point fighting for those who face themselves  later and smile at each other?
While Chanting Sai Buhari ,Sai Jonathan?

The one thing i know about is that who God has chosen ,No one i mean NO ONE can change it.

Please my fellow Nigerians and 9istnaija Readers ,let this questions above run through your minds.Stop Election Violence and vote wisely.

May God lead you through out the election...Amen



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