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Today 9istnaija is bringing you her top list of female celebrities Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian n*de pics.Please if you are not up to 18+  don't bother reading this post or opening the photos in it.Check out the list below;

1.Kim Kardashian:
So you want to see n*de photos of Kim Kardashian. That’s not difficult. She did a sextape with an ex-boyfriend and released it for sale. She’s appeared in Playboy and several other magazines in nude photo spreads. She’s even done the occasional nude selfie that’s been ‘leaked’ online.
And we’ve got all the pictures here. This is probably the most complete set of Kim K nudes on the internet. Blame us for being fans but when a big booty like that goes on display, it’s hard to not get interested.See Her top 8 n*de photos below

Being an ex-stripper, hip hop video star and model has certainly made Amber really comfortable with showing off her body because these pictures look nothing like the other celebrity nude leaks we’ve seen so far. Sure, these weren’t as big a deal as the Scarlett Johansson nudes but in terms of hotness, this is way up there at the very top of the scale.

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