We are so happy! The whole world was praying for Lamar Odom not to die and God has given him a second chance! He is out of a coma and is reportedly talking.

Lamar was found unconscious at a brothel in Las Vegas, where he had blown $75,000 on two prostitutes and used cocaine & herbal viagra. He has been in a coma since Tuesday but yesterday according to E! News he opened his eyes, saw Khloe Kardashian, said “Hey, baby”, gave her a thumbs up and then went back to sleep.

E! also reports that the source also said he is no longer using a breathing tube & another source said Odom is speaking and functioning.

Look at God! Pulled this man back from the bring of death! Now we hope he ditches the drugs, alcohol & prostitutes and gets his life back on track.

But some on the Internet think Lamar should run far from Khloe & the Kardashians. See the tweets after the jump

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