In continuation of reactions to the criticisms against President Muhammadu Buhari over the trial of ex-NSA, Sambo Dasuki and Biafra agitator, Nnamdi Kanu, a PDP chairman, Ebenezer Babatope and others have shared their perspective on the issues.
Babatope said: “With what has been happening regarding the court orders, I will not say he is a dictator. He (Buhari) has been fair enough to allow the opposition have a say at any given time.
“It does not mean that we should not encourage Buhari to obey court orders because obeying court orders is submitting to the rule of law. And the rule of law is one of the cardinal points in a democracy.”
He is focused, serious minded — Ndume
Ndume said: “It is not possible to be a dictator in a democratic environment like ours where you have a vibrant opposition. But I will agree if people say President Buhari is a very serious President.
We have a very serious President which is a far departure from the past where we had a very funny, unserious and weak President. Now we have a serious President.
“If you accuse him of being a serious President, I will agree with you, but not as a dictator who does not respect rule of law.”
On his part, Datti a close associate of Buhari said the President has not violated any law.
He said: “Dasuki’s first arrest was based on illegal arms possession before the issue of monies he shared to his PDP cronies came up and some people are saying that Buhari violated the rule of law
“It is only in Nigeria that people will commit heinous crimes of this magnitude and then a few will be calling our President unprintable names”.
“As For Kanu his crime is simply treasonable felony. Releasing him is dangerous as the man needs to be taught a lesson.
“The man imported gadgets into Nigeria using it to destabilise the polity at the same time calling the President a terrorist and you expect the man to be released?
“If his elders can’t teach him a lesson then he should remain where he is to learn better lessons as he was not properly brought up by his parents.”

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