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There are many people in the society who believe highly in relationships that start from the church; they have a different view about affairs that are groomed there.
For instance, many people believe that a marriage between a chorister and an usher has a higher chance of being successful.
There are many misconceptions about relationships that have to do with the church. People use the sentimental approach when viewing cases like this as they believe a union starting from the church is ‘God-breathe’.
The same goes for relationships in which couples are groomed by the church administration or orderlies. Irrespective of how the affair starts, a marriage will be doomed if the fundamental elements are not put in place.
Marriage is sacred, at least the churches are fair enough to preach that. However, there are some key issues that the church may never tell you when it comes to marriage. Parents cannot tell it all too when you are planning to get married.
If you are patient enough, you will find out some of the hidden truths about marriage that the church will never tell you here:

1. There will always be problems


The church will only celebrate with you after joining you on your wedding day. You will never be told how hard things could get at the long run.
The first year of marriage can run you crazy as you are bound to see things you never saw while you were single. You have to be strong-willed in order to record a remarkable success in that union.
The church may give you the impression that problems may spring up many years after the wedding. Prepare yourself for the inevitable; you may encounter challenges a few months after. Do not be scared.

2. Soulmates do not exist

Many people grow up with the thought that there is only one life partner made for them. This is what the church plants in the minds of people. Now do not get it wrong, we understand the fact that the church is only trying to reduce indecency in marriage.
There is nothing like soulmates! You are not made for a particular person. Couples tying the nuptial knots have built healthy relationships and are ready to stay with each other for the rest of their lives.
This means you can build something good with that man around you. And if things do not work out, you will find someone else that will appreciate you. Your life should not end because you got married in the church and the wedding crashed.

3. Your partner is not telepathic

Living under the same roof does not give your partner special powers. The church and the people around will make you feel like you will discover hidden truths about each other. The truth is that your partner can only know as much as you want him or her to know.
Communication is an important aspect in marriage. If you do not let your partner know what is going on in your head, he or she may not be able to help you. He cannot help you unless you help yourself.

4. S-x can be wild

For crying out loud, you are married! S-x is no longer a sin. The church tries as much as possible to be brief when s-x is being discussed. You have to understand what your partner’s position is when it comes to s-x.
If he likes it wild, then open up to him and learn his rhythm and tempo. If it is his breakfast, do not let him have it as dinner.
Women have turned s-x to a weapon they use in fighting their husbands. If you keep your body from him, you are indirectly asking him to find it somewhere else.


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