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Using Match-Stick may seem harmless enough, but they can be dangerous when used to clean your ears. Although some people swear by using match-sticks to remove excess wax and debris from their ear canals, medical experts will warn you not to try it.

They have seen many catastrophes resulting from using match-sticks to clean your ear. From punctured eardrums to super impacted wax, there are many negative consequences associated with match-stick ear cleaning.

Match-stick are great for many things, but  don't use them to clean your ears.

The ear canal has specialized cells that produce cerumen, commonly known as ear wax. Ear wax accumulates much faster for some people than others. This can lead to wax build-up that causes decreased ability to hear and in some instances, pain. As an easy way to avoid seeing a medical professional, many folks resort to using match-stick to remove the excess wax, causing more harm than good.

The eardrum is easily reached with a match-stick. Because the eardrum is so delicate, it can be easily ruptured by using even the gentlest pressure when using a swab. Ask anyone who has experienced a punctured eardrum - it isn’t a pleasant experience. The pain is severe and the ear may also leak a clear fluid. While a punctured eardrum will heal, it can take a while and can even lead to conductive hearing loss.


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