After Ozo got a second strike for writing a love letter to Nengi some days ago, Dorathy called the former for a brief discussion. 

Dorathy was spotted advising Ozo on how to handle his feelings to Nengi and stated why he is in the reality show. 

She then told him that if he eventually gets a third strike that leads him to his disqualification, she would never forgive him. 

In Dorathy words;

“I cannot slap you, I cannot beat you so it’s not worth it, but you always have to know Ozo, And I don’t know it’s almost like the minutes we finish talking every time and you walk out that door, it’s as if we said nothing to each other. What do you want me to say again, what do you want to do because fam I will never forgive you if you get another strike and leave here” 

Watch the video below;


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