BBNaija S6: Liquorose Gets Rewarded For Success in Big Brother’s Secret Task

Big Brother Shine Ya Eyes housemate, Liquorose has been rewarded for successfully conducting the secret task allocated to her by Big Brother, aso Naija reports.

On Tuesday day 52 of the show, Liquorose and Saga were tasked by Biggie during a diary session to prank their significant others.

Liquorose was to pick a fight and distance herself from Emmanuel while Saga was to act in a similar way towards Nini till their next diary sessions.

They were also promised rewards after the successful completion of the task.

Unfortunately for Saga, he could not keep up with the task as he broke character on Wednesday while trying to pacify Nini after she got into an altercation with fellow housemate, Cross.

He further went on to tell her about the secret task which led to a punishment for both of them in the early hours of Thursday.

Liquorose on the other hand was able to stick to the game as she continued to avoid Emmanuel, even to the extent of refusing to share a bed with him on Wednesday.

To reveal the prank to the other housemates, Big brother played a clip of the diary sessions where the instructions were given, and also a run down of how both housemates performed the task on Thursday, day 54 of the show.

He further asked both significant others on whom the pranks were played to rate the housemates.

Nini rated Saga a seven on the scale of ten because he was subtle enough to prevent her from catching on, and she would not have been aware if he did not leak the secret.

Emmanuel rated Liquorose a ten because he had no clue what was going on.

“Big Brother, as you can see it ‘choked’ me. Honestly that was an amazing act,” he said.

Decrying Saga’s lack of focus on the game, Big Brother declared he would not be given any reward as he not only failed the task, but also violated diary room privacy by revealing details of his session to Nini.

Liquorose and Emmanuel were however rewarded with 250 Abeg naira and 200 BB tokens each.

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