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Bill Gates no longer on billionaire list after divorce


Bill Gates no longer on billionaire list after divorce



Bill Gates, one of the world’s richest men has been taken out from Bloomberg’s billionaire list after information on his separation from his wife Melinda.

The couple in indistinguishable tweets said their marriage of 27 years was finishing.

Soon after the news broke, Bloomberg has now made a move and relegated Bill Gate from their tycoon list.

Prior to being removed from the list, Gates was fourth on the index with total assets of $145 billion, having acquired more than $13 billion of 2021 alone.

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Financial details of their parting way are not yet clear however Melinda may take half of her spouse’s riches.

An unmarried Bill Gates turned into the most youthful American Very rich person in 1987, a record he held until Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook owner went to the Billionaire status in 2007. He got hitched to Melinda in 1994, after previously being named the Richest man in America. They have three children together.

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