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Yahoo boys Cannot touch e-Naira App, It Is Hack-proof – CBN Says


Yahoo boys Cannot touch e-Naira App, It Is Hack-proof – CBN Says

Yahoo boys Cannot touch e-Naira App, It Is Hack-proof – CBN Says

CBN , the central bank of nigeria has assured users of The new e-Naira.

CBN says it is safe and secure against hackers like Yahoo boys and other cyber criminals who might want to exploit any vulnerability will never be able to get it through.

CBN says it has added extra security layers on the e-Naira to ensure that no one hacks it and steals anybody’s money

12 digits password recently added to the e-Naira ensures that users protect their money from fraudsters and other unscrupulous elements

Nigeria’s Central Bank (CBN) has strengthened security around the country’s digital currency, the e-Naira, and says that the latest invention by the apex bank is hack-proof.

According to the director of corporate communication of the apex bank, Osita Nwanisobi, steps have been taken to secure the recently launched digital currency from cybercriminals.

Nwanisobi was speaking at a Central Bank event with the topic: “Promoting Financial Stability and Economic Development.

The spokesperson of the bank said the e-Naira will handle challenges in the financial institution, cross-border problems, taxation and diaspora remittance relationships.

Nwanisobi said a tougher stand has been taken against hackers who might target the e-Naira and protect the financial industry.

The new measures will make it very hard for any cybercriminal to break or penetrate customers’ accounts.

It is no longer easy for cybercriminals to be allowed to have a field day and smile home with people’s sweat, Nwanisobi said.

According to Nwanisobi the e-Naira is the digital version of the physical Naira, the only difference being that, while one is physical, the other one is virtual.

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