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Cross – Posting my Nude Was The Worse Day Of My Life


Cross – Posting my Nude Was The Worse Day Of My Life

Cross – Posting my Nude Was The Worse Day Of My Life

Finalist in season 6 Big Brother Naija reality show, Okonkwo Cross, in an interview talks about the lessons he learnt living with other housemates and other issues, aso Naija reports.

How would you describe your stay in the Big Brother Naija house?

It was fun and I think it is the best holiday I have ever had because I had a good time.

What lessons did you learn as a housemate on the reality show? Cross said:

I learnt to be more patient and work with people even if I am not cool with them. I understood how to work with them to achieve the set goal and I also acted in the house which I did not know I could do before. Likewise, I learnt about myself and who I am as a human.

Who were your favourite people in the house?

My favourite people in the house are Angel and Pere.

Some people think the reality show promotes immorality, do you agree?

Honestly, I don’t think BBNaija promotes immorality because it is more than that. It exposes what Nigerians go through daily and showcases a lot of immense talents and other different stuff.

Anyone that says something different means that we are flawed as humans but at the end of the day we still have love which gives us hope for a better tomorrow.

We are not perfect and that is why BBNaija showcases our different flaws and also our strengths.

The difference is that we have cameras watching us in the house every day. The housemates are people with different opinions.

Would you be using your platform to preach the gospel as requested by your mother? Cross said;

Definitely, I will use my platform to spread the gospel for my mother because she has been there for me since my dad died. I am figuring out how to do that because we need finance to build structures and money to feed those that will attend the programs. I hope I can work hard to support her because she has done a lot for me and my siblings.

What has been your greatest challenge so far after leaving BBNaija house?

I can no longer do what I want to do at any time because I am a very simple and honest person who always wants to have a good time. I love to walk on the streets the way I want but I can’t do that anymore because I have to be scrutinized by my team. But I just have to find a way around it.

Some people said you intentionally posted your nudes to trend. What do you have to say about it?

I know people have their opinions and it is okay, that is why we are humans after all. However, I would like to say that I am not the type of man that would deliberately put my nudes outside. That day was one of the worst days of my life because I had to face my mother and siblings too. The issue was quite humiliating. I never want to put myself in that kind of situation again, not even my friend, or my enemy. It has happened and it is gone and I pray it does not happen again. I just want the issue to die because that is not how I was trained. However, life happens and I have learnt that social media is a very deep place. I have moved on and I hope my friends and my fans know that it was a mistake and that they forgive me for it. Honestly, anyone that thinks I can do that intentionally does not know me and is not my friend too. If I was in the house and I wanted to trend, that would have been different but this is a reality now. There is a difference between being on the show and real life. Sincerely, there are certain things I cannot do. It is unfortunate that it happened.

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