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Feminism is the Reason men beat their wives – Pete Edochie


Feminism is the Reason men beat their wives – Pete Edochie

Feminism is the Reason men beat their wives – Pete Edochie

Veteran Nollywood actor, Pete Edochie, has stated that feminism is accountable for the domestic violence women suffer in marriage and why they get beaten by their husbands, aso Naija reports.

The actor, while communicating with BBC Igbo, condemned women for most of the occurrences of household violence.

He said:

Feminism isn’t something black people are known for. Once a woman leaves her parents to meet her husband and take his surname, she is to be submissive to him. If she wasn’t married, she can do whatever she wants,” he said.

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Women walk and show off their behinds, it’s so that men would find them. If you see such a woman and express your marriage interest, then she starts walking properly. Our women now plunge into feminism nowadays.

“They can’t even keep their husbands anymore. Is that a good thing? These women are schooled but a lot of wives now can’t even cook — one thing that a woman should be good in to be able to keep her husband.

“My mother was not educated but she would cook all sorts of soups, including bitter leaf, oha, ogbono, okro, egusi, ukwa, and what have you. My father would always get back home hurriedly to eat what his wife had cooked.

“Today, our wives can’t even cook anymore. Women who can’t cook aren’t supposed to call themselves women. And feminism is what causes women to be beaten up in marriages. You complain to a woman and she retorts.

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