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I’m Doing God’s Work by Talking About Sex – Destiny Amaka

Destiny Amaka


I’m Doing God’s Work by Talking About Sex – Destiny Amaka


Destiny Amaka, a Radio personality and actress has declared that she is strongly performing God’s work extremely as assisting partner by talking about sex on social media, aso Naija reports.

In an interaction with The Punch, the actress revealed that she is not bothered about what the people are saying about her work as she is more concerned about the real life issues people bring to her.

She said:

“Being labelled is something one cannot avoid. It is better I am myself and be labelled, than be someone else and still be labelled. I no longer care about things like that because of the demand for what I do. My inbox is flooded with real life issues.


Without being blasphemous, I strongly feel like I am doing God’s work. Marriages and homes are being healed, and so are individuals. I hope to work with the United Nations to bring more awareness to this. It is deeper than just talking about s3x and positions.”

Amaka also stated that many people were uninformed about s3x. She added, “My motive on this matter is how uninformed many people are on such issues, yet we see every day, how perverse some people can be.

Did you know that Nigeria was once one of the countries with the highest downloads of gay porn in the world? Who are we kidding? Women, just like men, want to enjoy s3x. Gone are the days that we (women) would just lay there and keep quiet.

For years, men have felt inadequate because of porn. Women have also been taught to not enjoy s3x or be vocal, yet marriages crash daily because of this same issue. I spend at least 30 per cent of my time counselling married couples. The appreciation people show me for saving their marriages keep me motivated.”

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