Kayamanta Saga: Jaruma publishes Costly Price of Kayanmata Products


Nigerians on Instagram amass reactions after controversial sex therapist, Jaruma initiated an e-commerce outlet for the sale of Aphrodisiacs generally called Kayanmata.

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Taking to the platform, the self-acclaimed most expensive sex therapist in Nigeria gave the price list of some of her products, and social media users were left in awe at the expensive price.

A handful of the commodities she summed up go from as low as N7k to as high as N500,000, but what is evident in the list she dispatched is that most of the packages are costly, aso Naija reports.

Some of them are listed thus;

Attraction Set – N73k

Divorce Is not my portion – N500k

Love Me Like Crazy – N250k

Royal Honey Syrup Plus – N103k

See her posts below:

Read some comments below:

@OjoObaRihanot; Do men patronize her? Are there men who would do or buy jazz to keep their women / marriage?

Genuinely asking.

@TheHavilah_; So, for that “pussy fire,” will the clients have to buy their fire extinguisher?

2. I honestly want to see a man start up a business on “products to hypnotize women,” just to see the reactions.

3. If you spend 500k on “divorce is not my portion,” honey, it’s your portion!

@Eben_Ik; Aren’t the people buying this embarrassed? No self-esteem?

@afobaba24; She no dey sell “Get a job for NNPC” “Get a job for Oracle”… Everything na about knacking

@Olusegun_Arus; This is funny cos men are scum, not needed and whatnot but here are expensive tins to keep the scum of the earth

Are women so I love with scum that they had to pay thru their nose to be with a scum

@tolanitosyne; All their jazz na for man, none to disappear to obodo oyinbo

@OjoObaRihanot; Then no dey do jazz for career advancement Or for people to get thier dream job or live in their dream country?!

@Oyinkisablelips; All this money ontop knacks?

Lol, so some people think sex keeps the home together? Wonderful

@dsecondjin; Some Nigerian Women are gullible.

No career advancement jazz?

It’s only Men Men.

Still we men are the problem.

@edisemi_; So person go carry her hard earned money to buy juju just to keep man?


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