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Nobody can take Buhari seriously on insecurity, not even his service chiefs – Abaribe


Nobody can take Buhari seriously on insecurity, not even his service chiefs – Abaribe


Senate Minority Pioneer, Representative Enyinnaya Abaribe has claimed that President Muhammadu Buhari isn’t doing what’s necessary to handle the country’s insecurity.

Talking on a Channels TV Program on Wednesday, March 31, Abaribe expressed that nobody views President Buhari appropriately in dealing with insecurity including the service chiefs.

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Describing how kidnappings have over and again happened even after the President guaranteed it will be the last, the congressperson called attention to that Buhari provided coordinating with orders all through Buratai’s time as the Head of Armed force Staff.

He said;

“Why would we take him (President Muhammadu Buhari) seriously? Just the day after he had said we would no longer accept all these kidnappings, this would be the last, they kidnapped the last day.

“And those people are still there; those innocent Nigerians are still in captivity up till now. He always makes a statement. Every time these things happen, nothing happens. So it is obvious nobody takes him seriously with that. Even the military chiefs, I don’t think they bother themselves.

“This is about the umpteenth time that we are hearing the President giving a marching order. Throughout the Buratai time as the Chief of Army Staff, he was always giving marching orders so he has given just another one.”


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