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Ninety Snakes Found And Removed From A Woman’s Home


Ninety Snakes Found And Removed From A Woman’s Home

About 90 rattle Snakes have been spotted and taken from a woman’s house in California, aso Naija reports.

The woman who chose to stay unidentified so as not to alarm her neighbors called a reptile rescue team about some reptiles under her house.

The Sonoma County Reptiles Rescue Team alleged that when they visited the woman’s home they came out with 59 babies and 22 adults rattle snakes. The rescue team also said they returned twice and removed 7 more Snakes.

The rescue team director, Alan Wolf posted the incident on Facebook.

He said: “3 hours and 45 minutes later this is what I came out with, 59 babies and 22 adults.

He also revealed that the woman’s house was built around rocks which translates to the fact that Snakes can come and go. He went ahead to state that more reptiles will definitely be visiting the woman’s home.

He said: “The foundation of the home was built around rocks and Snakes can come and go as they please.”

Wolf also said that the snakes were pacific rattle reptiles.

According to the Burke Museum in Seattle, Pacific rattle reptile give birth to 4 to 21 reptile species from August to October. It is also not unusual for female pacific rattlesnakes to gather in one den to reproduce.

rattlesnakes often do not attack humans unless they feel threatened.

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