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Why I Made Sure Rema Wasn’t on ‘Overloading’ – Don Jazzy


Why I Made Sure Rema Wasn’t on ‘Overloading’ – Don Jazzy

Why I Made Sure Rema Wasn’t on ‘Overloading’ – Don Jazzy

MAVIN Records CEO has explained why singer rema wasn’t on “overdose ” song, aso Naija gathered.

The song has everybody from Crayon to Magixx, Ayra Starr, Ladipoe, and Boy Spyce on it, except rema.

 On a recent interview with don jazzy, he explained why rema didn’t sing any verse in the music.

Explain the reason behind rema’s absence, he said;

When I sign people and I introduce them to you guys like “ah this guy is talented o!”, last last it’s not me that’s going to stream all the music, it’s all of you that are still going to go and stream it.

So my own is to just come and be ringing agungu everywhere, “this guy is talented o, go and check it out”.

So obviously sometimes the fans maybe they’re suffering from fatigue, listening fatigue, or they’re just engrossed in some other artiste or their fave so they take their time. So for somebody like Crayon, I’ve been like “you people are not hearing this boy o, this boy is dope!” You understand? So I’m very happy that the intentionality we put in a song like Overdose was to actually make sure that people see him as the talented guy that he is which is why he’s the one starting the song and taking the chorus to carry the thing along. He’s the senior in the team so you people must see him now.

So we actually really didn’t want to put Rema on this one because I really wanted you guys to see (the other guys).

Normally when we activate people, we try as much as possible to make sure we don’t do collaborations. So when it’s Magixx EP, it’s Magixx EP. You see him for who he is. When it’s Ayra, you see her for her.

So everybody has done their EPs now so I felt like okay, they’ve seen them, there’s small acceptance, okay let’s try and amplify that with one of these songs.

So this particular song is more like an Adaobi than a Dorobucci. Like Adaobi the other time, I tried to use it for you guys to see the younger guys as opposed to having like Tiwa and the others in there.

But we’re working on album that (Rema) is definitely a part of. It’s like a MAVIN All Star album that’s dropping this year.

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