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Why I’m Travelling to Do Surgery on My Hair – Nedu


Why I’m Travelling to Do Surgery on My Hair – Nedu

Why I’m Travelling to Do Surgery on My Hair – Nedu


Nigerian Actor and comedian Nedu has spoken on how he will travel soon to get his hair done, aso Naija reports.

During the show, one of the interviewers said: “A lot of people argue that your natural body is good so if you’re enhancing your body that’s because you have insecurities or you’re not a confident person. Because if you’re so confident in your self the way that you are, the way that you look, what exactly is the need to go under the knife?That’s when Nedu responded saying:

Let me say something, I think it gives you confidence. Let me say this, for the first time I’m going to say this, a lot of people ask me “Oh Nedu, why do you wear hats all the time?”, it’s because I don dey get akpanigogo (meaning: balding on top of his head). I’m going to go to Turkey very soon to do a hair transplant.

When I do that, I’m going to start removing my hat and I go dey barb punk. That is going to help my confidence.

I’m balding. It comes with the age. I’m going to be 40 on August 5th so it’s coming with the age, and the thing is I like having hair. So for me, if I’m going to do the hair transplant, I’ll go to Turkey, I’ll go to Germany, it’s going to be for my confidence. So I go fit komot cap, do my hair anyhow.

How they do it (hair transplant) is that they’ll put you to sleep, they take out STEM cells from somewhere and they inject that into your hair like dot dot dot dot and they inject it into your hair and it starts growing. It stays there forever. It takes like 3 to 6 months for it to come show well well.

People dey insult IK Ogbonna say him dey wear wig, it’s what he wants to wear. It’s his life. I’m going to do my hair transplant sometime soon, it’s my body. It’s my money.

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