Strippers Engage in a Horrible fight After one Called the Other ‘Glass-eyed Prostitute


Two strippers docked in court after they both fought in a club after one allegedly called the other ‘glass-eyed prostitute’ while the other one spilled a jug of beverage over her,aso Naija gathered.

Former friends Yvonne McDermid, 36, (top right), and Cheryl Hanrahan, 45, (top left) had first conflicted in a pub, a court heard.

Ms. Hanrahan who has a ‘glass eye’ from an accident as a child said:

‘She could be vindictive. Earlier that night, I’d seen her in the toilets at Eden and she called me a glass-eyed prostitute.’

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Later, they saw each other at Wiggle, the club where they had both worked. Ms. Hanrahan told Bournemouth Crown Court:

‘I sat down maybe four or five places from her. She shouted over to me not to sit at the table. ‘I didn’t want to cause trouble but I didn’t see why I should move.

“The next thing I felt a lot of liquid being spilled all over me.

She slumped to the floor, needed hospital treatment, and now has scars for life.

A Witness Anthony Wilson said in court: ‘Yvonne picked up a jug of orange juice and poured it over her.

‘Cheryl went towards her in retaliation and Yvonne punched her in the head three times. ‘They were both pulling each other’s hair and Cheryl was bleeding from her face.’

McDermid said: ‘I did pour the orange juice over her because she was coming at me over the table.

‘I thought, “She threw a drink at me earlier so I’ll throw one at her now.” I didn’t throw the jug at her — I just dropped it to get it out of my hand. We both had hold of each other’s hair and ended up fighting on the floor.

‘I don’t see how a plastic jug could cause those injuries.’

McDermid has been found guilty and will be sentenced later.Her face after being beaten

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