Current Edo state Governor and APC leader in the persons of Godwin Obaseki and Bola Tinubu seems not to be moving well in the right direction.

if you could recall, the current governor didn't win the primary election of his former party (APC) and had to switch to rival, PDP to remain as governor in the forthcoming election. 

Recently, the chairman and National leader of APC released a statement accusing the current governor of Edo State of being behind the political crisis in the state house of assembly. He also added that in due time, all this bad leadership coming from the governor will end. 

Read the statement which was released yesterday, being 7th of August, 2020;

''IN DEFENCE OF CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRACY The recent actions of the Governor of Edo State represent the gravest possible assault on constitutional democracy and the rule of law and escalation of violence and tension in the state he purports to govern.

Not satisfied with making a mockery of our constitution by blocking the timely inauguration of two-thirds of the elected members of the Edo State House of Assembly, Governor Obaseki has now resorted to the strong-arm tactics of dictators.

First, he sponsors hoodlums to deface, indeed destroy, parts of the House of Assembly Building in Benin, feigning the building is undergoing renovation. Then, he imports sand and gravels to prevent access to the assembly complex.

In effect, the man has spent state funds to thwart the very apparatus of the state government he was sworn to uphold. He has squandered public money to defeat the very will of the public. This is tragic beyond words.

As a pretext for his refusal to allow the Edo House of Assembly to function, Governor Obaseki’s actions are perverse. This is a cowardly act and a move to thwart representative democracy in Edo.

No renovation has been planned for the state house building. No appropriation was made in the state’s budget. The only reason any renovation could be deemed necessary is the destruction wrought by his own goons.

Governor Obaseki’s governance of Edo State recalls the worst excesses of our military past and represents a direct threat to the democratic order by his refusal to permit duly elected members of the Edo State House of Assembly to perform their constitutional duties.

Governor Obaseki betrayed contempt for the people of his state and, unfortunately, his ignorance of Nigeria’s constitutional order. As a Governor he ought to know better than to obstruct the functioning of his own legislature, but perhaps he is in need of a quick lesson.

Indeed, it is no coincidence that of the three arms of government, the powers of the legislature are enumerated first, in our Constitution.The legislature is the authority imbued with the power to make laws for the peace, order and good governance of the federation and states

Indeed, the Constitution makes clear that a Governor’s role primarily extends to the maintenance and implementation of the laws set down for him by his state’s legislature.

Although Governor Obaseki’s conduct in the past year is undoubtedly impeachable, these legislators have made no threat to impeach the Governor. Their only desire is to peacefully perform the duties asked of them by the constituents who elected them.

The rule of law and preservation of democracy is too important to sacrifice at the altar of any one man’s ambition. Governor Obaseki’s woeful leadership of Edo State will hopefully be brought to an end soon by the very people whose rights he has so carelessly trampled upon.

One can only hope that the damage he is doing to the most important of the state’s democratic institutions can just as easily be repaired.''


On Friday, 7th,2020, Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) reported 443 new cases of coronavirus.

According to their reports, Plateau state came out on top with a rising number of 103 while Lagos, which is the epitome of the deadly virus, came out with 70 new cases. The capital city, Abuja had 60 new infections while Ondo and Edo state had 35 and 27 new infections respectively. 

The other states with new infections include; Rivers-27, Kaduna-20, Osun-19, Borno-18, Oyo-18, Kwara-11, and Adamawa-9. 

Check the twitter page of NCDC to see more information;

Reports coming from reliable sources state that an airplane that had about 191 passengers land crashes, with the fatality rate increasing to 14 and others injured. The flight was said to have taken off from Dubai with the aim of landing in Kerala. 

The flight was also said to be taking stranded passengers to their country because of the current pandemic. 

According to a spokesman for the Civil Aviation Ministry, Rajiv Jain, the aircraft splited into two parts after it crashed. In his words;

“There are 174 passengers, 10 infants, 2 pilots & 5 cabin crew onboard the aircraft. As per initial reports, rescue operations are on & passengers are being taken to hospital,” he said.

“Dubai-Kozhikode Air Indian flight (IX-1344) skidded during landing at Karipur Airport at around 7.45 pm today,''Kondotty Police told news agency ANI. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has ordered a detailed inquiry into the matter.

See more photos below;

See Video below;

Mark Zuckerberg, who is officially the founder of Facebook now has a net worth of 100 billion dollars. Reports coming from the Bloomberg Billionaires Index states that he is currently worth more than 100 billion dollars which makes him the third person to achieve that milestone. 

The rise in his net worth is as a result of the company's shares surging by a 6 percent on investor rate.

The other two men with more than 100 billion dollars are Bill Gates of Microsoft and Jeff Bezoz of Amazon respectively. 

 During the end of last week, the government of lagos state had announced that mosques and churches in the state will reopen from August 7th but only at the capacity of 50 percent and compulsory face masks. 

But the news going around Daystar Christian Center is that church would not reopen this coming Sunday. the reason for this statement is that Mr. Sam feels the church is not yet safe to reopen despite the approval from the state government. 

According to the man of God, services will continue to hold online until it is safe to reopen. 

A video making the rounds on social media shows moment two boys who call themselves 'benefit Boys' chase their school teacher out of their Benz. 

From the image below, you can judge that they have upgraded in new mobile devices, new looks, and new sneakers. 

The video below show moment the two students chased their teacher out of their Benz;

Cameroon is currently running its reality show and recently, Nigerians made a jest of their show.  But going on social media, there is a video that is currently making the trends concerning their Cameroon Big Brother. 

The video shows the moment when their kitchen gets exploded by their kitchen gas cooker. Happily, no one died at the scene neither was anyone injured, though fears and panic were all in the faces of the housemates. 

Watch how it all happened;

On Thursday, 6th of August, 2020, Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) reported 354 new cases of the deadly virus.

According to their report, the capital city, that is, Abuja came out with the highest number of cases, precisely 78 new cases, while Lagos State came in second with 76 new cases. Kaduna and Ebonyi had the third and fourth highest number of new cases with 23 and 19 respectively. 

Other Nigerian states with new cases include Oyo–18;  Nasarawa–17;  Rivers–17; Delta-6; Kwara–15; Akwa Ibom–13; Edo–12, Ogun-2, Plateau–11; Kano–9; Bauchi–6; Borno–6 and Ekiti  -6.

Currently, the state (Nigeria) has a total number of 45,244 confirmed cases while the number of fatalities is currently 930. The number of discharged patients seems to increase on a daily basis as it is now confirmed that 32,430 infected patients have all recovered. 

Check the image below to know the total number of infected patients for each state;


BBNaija housemate and billionaire son, Kiddwaya initially had an agreement with Erica to end their relationship, and they should just be friends. 

This agreement took place a few days back, but these few hours proved that they are still intimate with each other. 

The pair were seen kissing passionately despite calling off their relationship. 

Watch the moment they both kissed;

 It is no secret that housemates, Erica, Laycon, and Kiddwaya have all been in a love triangle. if you could recall, Erica claimed that she likes Kiddwaya physically and Laycon mentally. 

Now while conversing with fellow housemate, Tolani baj, she revealed that she crushes on guys with a nice physique;

According to Erica;

“How I wish my man to have a combination of Laycons mind and Kiddwaya body”

“I like to be around Laycon but i am not physically attracted to him. All i can think about right now is Kid.”

As at last week, the presidential task force had announced that the second phase of lockdown will end this week after extending for 7 days. Today, 6th of August,2020, which is the day the ease of lockdown is meant to elapse, the presidential taskforce announced that this current phase of lockdown will be extended for another month. 

This is coming after the country experiences a decline in the number of cases on a daily basis after increasing the number of tests per day. 

Afeezz Fashola also known as Naira Marley has been fined 100,000 naira after pleading guilty for violating the covid-19 order imposed on all citizens of the country. 

On June 8th,2020, the popular Nigerian artiste left Lagos for Abuja for a concert which held in Abuja, and in that time, the ban on interstate travels was not lifted. 

In a statement coming from Bala Elkana who is the spokesperson of the state police command; 

'' Naira Marley was arraigned alongside his Manager Seyi Awouga on a one-count charge of ''breach of the cessation of movement and interstates travel order made by the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria under Regulation 4(i) of the Lagos State Infectious Disease Emergency Prevention) Regulation No 2 of 2020 and committed an offense punishable under Section 58 Public Health Law, Ch. P16, Laws of Lagos State 2015''


Former head of house, Lucy has recently revealed to fellow housemate, Prince that she has no home to go if she exits the house. As she disclosed this, she further went ahead to plead with fans of the reality show to vote for her, so she can have money to pay for the rent.

In her exact words;

“Currently, I’m homeless because my landlord asked me to move out at the end of August

“So Big brother house is my house but when I leave this house, I will start looking for another one hopefully but my things are presently with my friend.

“So Biggie please I cannot be kicked out so soon. Let me make at least N1m to for house rent in a nice area in Lagos.

“Island is not for me, just the mainland,” 

This is not the first time Laycon has said something regarding Kiddwaya and Erica. This time, he discloses that pains and awkwardness arise whenever he sees the two of them together.

When he was asked during his diary session about the situation he finds himself with, he revealed from the exact words he replied with that:

“When I see Erica and Kiddwaya together, I feel a kinda way, I feel kinda awkward and pained. Gut I still feel like moving forward for me, I am only going to fell better, and I’d be fine''.
Watch moment he revealed it to Big Brother;

A Nigerian man has taken to social media to express his feelings towards police officers in the country. according to the man, they broke the curfew rule because of the kind of holdup that usually surfaces in Lagos.

Now, from the video, it could be noticed that some Nigerians were told to remain in a cell until some of them became visibly unwell. The video shows that there was nothing like social or physical distance. The police officers are further accused that they collected bribes to set them free. 

Watch video below;

Two days back, an explosion occured in the capital city of Lebanon which has killed over 150 people and injured about 4000 people. A Nigerian identified as Mrs. Obasi Nkiru was said to be at the scene when the explosion occurred. Luckily for her, she survived the explosion. 

She claimed to have walked past a high number of fatalities after escaping from a four-storey building. She feared that surviving the whole incident will be almost unfeasible. Luckily, her fellow Africans helped her get to the hospital for treatment. 

She didn't end there, she also claimed that before she could receive treatment in the hospital, it almost took two hours because of a large number of people who were also present at the hospital. Up till this moment, her body still has some attached broken glasses, so she took to the internet to plead with good citizens of Nigeria to come to her aid. She also begged Nigerians to assist her return home. 
Tap the link below to watch the video;


Big Brother Lockdown season 5 got more interesting as Nengi discloses to fellow housemates, Prince and Kaisha that she saw sperm stain.

The reason why she said it was when the three of them started discussing someone getting pregnant in the house and that person will cope with the situation. 

In her words;

“This one I am seeing cum stains, I don’t know where it’s coming from” 
Watch moment she revealed it;

If you could recall, Kiddwaya and Erica seem to have sex and good romantic times together. Well, a new update that came up on August 5, 2020, from Erica herself reveals to her flirt partner, Kiddwaya that they should just be friends. 

 In her exact words;

 “My brain cannot handle this relationship in this house. I don’t think I’m ready to handle a relationship here.

“Let’s just go back to the way we were, just friends.”

It is still unknown why she made the decision, though it is speculated that it is as a result of the discussion she had with Laycon. 

Things seem to be getting very intense in the house as it was captured yesterday evening when two housemates in the person of Prince and Ozo clashed in the house

From what the video interpreted, it seems Prince walked out of the drama practice, which led to Ozo overreacting. The housemates were said to be preparing for a presentation that will hold today, August 6ht, 2020. 

Prince later apologized to other housemates for his actions after being instructed from the current head of house, Ozo. 

The video can be seen below;

On Wednesday, August 5, 2020, Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) took to social media to report 457 new cases of coronavirus.  

In their report, Lagos which is the epitome of the deadly virus, came out on top with 137 new cases, while Abuja, the capital city came out with 76 new cases. 

Also, according to their report, the other states with new cases include Plateau – 40, Rivers – 35, Enugu – 34, Oyo – 25, Abia – 23, Delta – 12, Edo and Ebonyi – 11, Cross River and Kwara – 10, Kaduna – 9, Anambra – 7, Ogun – 5, Imo and Bauchi – 3, Osun and Nasarawa – 2, Kano and Ekiti – 1.

Currently, NCDC has confirmed a total of 44,890 cases of coronavirus while the number of fatalities is currently 927. Recovered patients in the country seem to increase on a daily basis as it is currently 32,165 from the report.

See the total number of cases from each state;

Nigerians have been left in shock recently after cases of covid-19 kept reducing for the past few days, but the PTF recently gave reasons for the low number of cases. 

Earlier today being August 5th, 2020, President Buhari had a brief discussion with the PTF on how they can fight off the deadly virus from the country. As of last week, they extended the ease of lockdown by one week, so by tomorrow, we expect new updates on the third phase of ease of lockdown. 

However, it is now claimed by the chairman and secretary to the government, Boss Mustapha that the Sallah celebration which held last week caused a reduced number of tests daily. 

In his words;

 ''If you noticed, as we celebrated those discharges, there has also been a decrease in the testing. In the last couple of days, we tested just barely 2,000 across the nation, but we have a testing capacity of much more thousands than 2,000.

Another reason is that everybody is still in Sallah mood, even the essential workers. Remember when I talked of fatigue, this is part of it. But I know that in the next couple of days, the testing will be rampant because people would have come out of the Sallah celebrations and come back to work.

The sub nationals and local governments will begin to go into the communities to search because this is the point at which you have to go into the local communities and begin to search.

If you don’t do that, so much is happening as a result of the community transmission that has been cascaded into the local communities that if you wait for it to present itself, it will present itself in a very explosive manner and we can get into a panic mode.

We don’t want to have that. That is why are encouraging the state governments to go into the local communities to ensure that they search for those infected with this virus, test them, if they are positive, isolate them and provide care for them.”

On the part of the third phase of ease of lockdown, he revealed that by tomorrow, Thursday, 6th of August, new directives will be released;

As for the content of the report, it will be premature for me to talk about it because we submitted a report, we have submitted recommendations and so we have to leave for Mr President to take a decision. By the time I receive his approvals, non-approvals on the recommendations we have made, we will be able to speak to the Nigerian people tomorrow (Thursday).'' 

Host of Big Brother was questioned on social media why he is yet to shake major tables among the housemates, and his reply was that he was accused last season of influencing the game with too many questions. 

This question came along as a result of what has been going on in the house currently which includes fights, gossips, relationships, and so on. 

Check the screenshot of the tweet below;


Author, Reno Omokri has seriously hit fans of Big Brother to stop teaming up with Nengi, Dorathy, and co, rather team up with inspirations like Otedola and Dangote.

He also called for the reality show to be banned from airing because it has negative impacts on the youths today.  

He took to Twitter to express what he feels about fans of Big Brother;

“You have not formed #TeamDangote, or #TeamElumelu, or #TeamOtedola, to ask to be mentored, so you can grow in business. Rather, you form #TeamNengi and co, just to discuss big buttocks, and what wont add value to your lives in the name of #BBNaija!”

As of yesterday, August 4, 2020, there was a huge explosion that rocked the capital city of Lebanon, precisely in Beirut. Currently, according to strong reports, at least 100 people have passed away whole more than 4,000 people have been left with serious injuries of the blast. 

It is now revealed that the cause of the explosion was as a result of welder who was at work. There was highly explosive sodium nitrate which wasn't far off from where the welder was working. The explosive sodium nitrate was placed in a warehouse, which resided in an area where the harbour was located. 

Reports also coming in states that the result of the explosion which seemed similar to that of a nuclear bomb was when the welder ignited the chemicals after sparkling fire. 


Heavy chested housemate, Dorathy who is currently the deputy head of house for the third week running recently discloses that she helps Ozo make the right decision.

While having a conversation with Lucy, she further revealed the love triangle between herself, Ozo, and Nengi. 

Dorathy disclosed that Ozo intends not to be with Nengi after noticing he was being played. Dorathy on the other hand said she totally respects his decision.

Watch how Dorathy discussed this with Lucy;

Previous head of house and current housemate, Lucy has admitted that she intends to leave the TV show. She disclosed this while having a conversation with fellow housemate, Dorathy. 

Her reason was that she couldn't take the manner at which some housemates choose their favorites ahead of her suggestion for an upcoming task. 

In her words;

 “I’ll rather not be here than cause so many things in Biggie’s house.

“Let me just leave before I cause problems

“I would learn from outside I don’t want to be seeing some certain things.”

It is probably stale news that housemate, Laycon, has been hanging out with fellow housemate, Erica. 

Recently, he disclosed to TrikyTee and Prince that whenever he spends some quality time with Erica and Kidd comes to kiss her or hold her, he finds it awkward and irritating. 

In his words;

“I like Erica, I like her and i love spending time with her.. but there’s Kidd. Erica and I might just be having a discussion and he’ll just come, grab her waist and start kissing her. I don’t even get jealous anymore, i just find it irritating, disrespectful and awkward.”

Watch video as he express his feelings to fellow housemates;

 According to the national security adviser in the person of Babagna Monguno, the Nigerian presidents intend to revise completely the Nigerian's security sector because the confidence is very low and he aims to bring back that level of confidence from citizens. 

The national security adviser revealed that when they met at the statehouse, President Buhari discloses his plans to the service chiefs. 

Also, words from the NSA reveals that;
“The president is angry over the declining security situation. At the last meeting, he mentioned it. 

“What he said today is virtually a reaffirmation of what he said the first time. Yes Mr President said you are doing your best, as far as I’m concerned, but there’s still a lot more to be done. I’m more concerned about the promise we made to the larger Nigerian society and I am ordering an immediate re-engineering of the entire security apparatus.

“This is something that I believe will be done in a very short time, but I just want us to keep hope alive.I know how everybody feels, I know how Nigerians feel, definitely the president is not oblivious of the fact that securing the nation is a primary responsibility of government and I believe in his sincerity, but again, since he’s not an octopus, since he’s not a spirit, if he delegates to people, then the onus is on them to actually fulfil the legitimate expectations of the larger Nigerian society.”

On Tuesday, August 4th of 2020, Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) reported 304 new cases of coronavirus. 

The NCDC who report new cases, the number of deceased, and the recovered patients reported that FCT had 90 new cases, while Lagos which is known for the highest cases on a daily basis, had 59 new cases. NCDC also reported that other states such as Ondo had 39 new cases, Taraba -18 new cases, Rivers 17 new cases, Borno- 15 new cases, Adamawa - 12 new cases, Oyo - 11 new cases, Edo - 6 new cases. 

Four states which include Osun, Kwara, Bauchi, and Ogun and 4 new cases respectively, while another three states which include Niger, plateau, and Bayelsa had 3 new cases. The remaining two states in Nasarawa and Kano had 2 and 1 new cases respectively. 

Currently in Nigeria, the confirmed cases are 44,433, while the people who didn't survive the deadly virus had increased to 910. So far, the recovered patients in the country are in the number of 31,851. 

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